Spang says new face just what city needs

(from Toledo Blade, October 10, 2015)

Running on a platform that's based largely on overhauling the city's finances, Spang wants to introduce a new way to create and manage Toledo's budget.

One Test of Leadership

Commentary by Keith Burris at the Toledo Blade:


Sandy on Conklin and Company

Sandy discusses the upcoming election and her vision for Toledo.


Sandy on Leading Edge

Sandy discusses why she decided to enter the Mayoral race and her new ideas to take Toledo forward.


Sandy with Fred Lefebvre in The Morning

Sandy Spang talks about wanting to run for Mayor and what separates her from the rest of the candidates.


Sandy Spang Announces Candidacy

Sandy Spang, small business owner and real estate investor, will announce her candidacy and pull petitions for an At Large Toledo City Council seat at the Lucas County Board of Elections, One Government Center, Friday, April 5 at 1:30 PM.

In her own words:

“I am running as an independent candidate not by default, but by design.  I will reach decisions based on research and thoughtful consideration, not by party dictates.”


“My focus as a Councilwoman will be on small business incubation, especially in underserved neighborhoods.  Small businesses are the largest generators of jobs in our country and add to the safety and quality of life in a community.”  

“Too often, economic salvation is seen only in terms of a large, outside industry coming to Toledo.  Corporations, however, do not invest in communities in order to rescue them. They look for well-run cities with a skilled, collaborative labor force and compelling quality of life amenities including a vibrant arts scene, interesting local businesses and thriving neighborhoods. We need to maximize our outstanding physical and human resources to be just such a city; and by doing so, we will raise the quality of life for every citizen.”


 Press Release (PDF) | Campaign Logo (ZIP file)


Council Hopeful Spang has Business, Artistic Vision for City


(from Toledo City Paper, published 8/16/13) 

Although she may not have experience as an elected official, Spang said her experience as a small-business owner gives her an edge in the crowded field of 17 candidates.

“I love hearing everybody talk about [small business]. But to have firsthand experience is important, to be that person that other small-business owners know they can call if they’re having a frustrating experience with the city government,” Spang said. “Something that I’ve learned in business is the importance of customer service. And we need to make that a priority. That’s the face of the city to the customer, and people often have frustrating experiences.”

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Indie Council Candidate Advocates Small-Biz Plan

(from Blade Slices, published 8/21/13) 

Spang, who is politically unaffiliated, was supported by District 5 Councilman Tom Waniewski, who said her plan would help transform vacant storefronts into businesses. The news conference was held in the 2800 block of Sylvania Avenue, which Waniewski said is part of corridor between Douglas and Secor roads that he wants to preserve as a viable business community. 

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For Toledo City Council

(from the Toledo Blade, published 9/1/13) 

Perhaps more than any other council candidate, Ms. Spang, who has a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, understands the importance of attracting young people to the central city and maintaining the amenities it takes to keep them: good mass transit; safe, walkable, and attractive neighborhoods, and vibrant arts and entertainment venues.

She would push city government to use technology better, equipping police officers with body cameras. She is open to examining the best practices of other successful mid-sized cities, such as Chattanooga, Tenn., to determine whether they could benefit Toledo.

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Filling Council

(from the Toledo Free Press, published 10/25/13) 

Sandy Spang is a small business owner. I have seen her at every political forum and have talked with her numerous times. She is hardworking, intelligent, understands budgets and neighborhood revitalization, knows the obstacles encountered by small businesses and will work toward making Toledo more business-friendly and the administration more accountable. 

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What's Next for the City's Neighborhoods? 

(from the Toledo Blade, published 10/27/13) 

Council candidate (and likely council member) Sandy Spang has first-hand experience and keen interest in reviving neighborhoods with small-business anchors. Council should designate her as committee chair for small business and charge her with two things: Come up with ways to cut red tape and truly make the city what everyone says it should be and never is — small business friendly. Second, could she come up with three ways the city could actually help new business start-ups? Perhaps we could begin with a mentoring system?

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